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Here is how to book a session with me...
Sydney Clients: Please CALL me on 0419 267 084 during normal business hours
Non-Local/Interstate/International Clients: Skype and Phone consultations are available up to 8pm Monday to Friday. Please email me at and I will send you some dates and times from which you can choose a suitable time. If required a mp3 recording can be made and the file will be emailed to you after your appointment.

Phone/Skype Payment Options: PayPal (Worldwide) Direct Deposit (Australia only)


Spiritual Guidance/Psychic Readings In-Person. Fees: 30mins $60, 45mins $85, 1 hour $110

There are times when we feel confused, lost or need some guidance and direction in life. Marlaine will endeavour to make sure that you receive an accurate and insightful psychic-medium reading, answering your questions clearly. During the consultation  Marlaine may use Tarot or Oracle cards as a visual aid, primarily to make the reading more accessible to you, but it is her Mediumship ability that enables Marlaine to translate the information that she receives from spirit. You will receive an insightful reading that covers many different topics such as: relationships, love, career, travel, study, business direction, life path etc.  For ethical reasons, advice will not be given on legal matters (including visas), financial investments, health issues or about another person.  Readings can be recorded on your mobile phone.


Mediumship Connection - In-Person. Fee: $85 - approx 45minutes.

Although a certified Spiritualist Medium with a background in Spiritualist Churches, Marlaine prefers a more intimate environment for a Mediumship reading.  This enables Marlaine to connect on a deeper level so that you can have a longer, quality conversation with your loved one in spirit. The object of this type of consultation is to create a bridge between our world and the spiritual dimension so that your passed over loved ones can deliver messages of love and support for those left behind. This not only gives you peace of mind and comfort, but an understanding that we continue to exist after our physical death. There is no need to bring photos or jewellery belonging to your loved ones, all Marlaine needs is to know is whether it is mum, dad, aunty uncle, etc, that you want to contact. This saves time trying to sort through the spirits in attendance and you get a longer reading. Readings can be recorded on your phone.  NB: Please wait at least 3 months after the passing of your loved one before you try to make contact. There is no point trying to contact a baby that has been lost by miscarriage/abortion as there will be no information to validate. This reading is for one person - that means no spouses, siblings, children or babies. You will not receive predictive information about your job, love life etc.


Psychic Readings by Phone and Skype

If you are unable to come to Marlaine's office, live interstate or overseas, this is the ideal consultation for you. The quality of a phone/skype reading is just the same as if you were in Marlaine's office as it is the vibration of your voice that she 'tunes in' to. Readings must be pre-arranged at a mutually suitable time, be pre-paid  by PayPal or Direct Deposit  before the reading commences.  The purchaser of the reading initiates the phone call and incurs the call charges as well as the consultation charge. Fees: 15mins $30,  30mins $60. Payment Options: PayPal (in advance) Direct deposit (*account details will be forwarded to you when you book). Prices are in Australian dollars.


What’s the difference between a Psychic and a Medium?

A Psychic tunes into your energy field (aura) to provide information about your past, present and future events. Psychics may use tools such as tarot or oracle cards, pendulums or psychometry (sensing from an object - i.e. watch or jewellery). All mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums. 'Psychic' is a generic term that covers; Clairvoyance (seeing images), Clairaudiance (hearing), Clairsentience (feeling or sensing), Clairambiance (taste), Clairalliance (smell) and Claircognizance (knowing).

A Medium has the ability to connect with the souls of people who have passed over from their lives on the physical plane and reside in worlds beyond the five senses. The object to communicating with Spirit is to bring understanding that we continue existing after death, albeit in a different form, and to enable Spirit to let us know their feelings and to pass messages of love and hope to their loved ones on the physical plane.

Marlaine is a Spiritualist Medium and Claircognizant; not a fortune teller.  Marlaine communicates with souls of your passed over loved ones in the spirit dimension to; pass on evidential proof that life exists after human death, messages from your loved ones in spirit to give you love, comfort and hope as well as communicate with your spirit guides for information and guidance to help you with your daily life and future events. There is no need to bring photos or jewellery belonging to your loved one.


CLIENT TESTIMONIALS (more on my facebook page: )


"Wow Marlaine I don't think any words can describe how I am feeling right now! This this lady is Amazing!! Everything Marlaine said about me was so accurate I fell off my chair, lol. I am sooo thankful and highly recommend Marlaine to everyone wanting some guidance or any questions they would like to be answered, truly amazing thank you thank you thank you. RC"


"Thank you so much Marlaine Wow!! First time I've ever had a reading like that and it was all mine, you are so exact! really amazing you made me smile, gasp and close to tears Wow! I'm still feeling dazzled by this and having my spiritual guardian around protecting me that makes me feel so blessed. Thank you again so much love you for that. PC"


"Hi there, I just wanted to say that Marlaine was extremely helpful in helping me through a very distraught time in my life. Her reading was spot on in many areas and she really just helped me to confirm what I had felt with my own intuition. She was professional, compassionate and really made me feel like she was here to help. I would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking answers in their lives in order to move on. I have never been a sceptic and I embrace the spiritual world ad all my loved ones that have passed on. Thank you Marlaine for helping me to develop my own gifts. I eagerly await the future knowing I have a hand in how my journey unfolds. God Bless. HLS"


Terms & Disclaimer

The reading services offered are provided for entertainment purposes only for adults aged 18 years or over. For ethical reasons advice will not be given on health diagnosis, financial investment, legal issues (including visa applications) or other people. The client is totally responsible for any action taken or decision made from the information given during a reading. We take no responsibility whatsoever in negligence, statute or statutory duty, to any user, dependants of any user, or any legal representative of a user, for personal or mental injury in any way due to the outcome of the information provided during a reading. We reserve the right to accept or decline a client without further explanation.


General Info:

People who do not turn up for appointments or are constantly change appointments: there is an unwillingness on Marlaine's part to re-book you again. If she does agree to see you, the fee must be paid in advance and no refunds will be given if you do not show up. Please come at the agreed time for appointments. If you are early you may interrupt another clients session, if you are late you may receive a shorter session but be charged the same fee.


Marlaine has always been very reasonable with her fees and generous with her time, sadly some people have been taking advantage of this. If you continue to ask questions after your reading has finished you will be charged in 15 minute increments ($30 per 15 minutes). If you wish to have a chat about something but not book a session, the consultation fee is $95 per hour, applies to general public and other psychics, therapists etc.


Gift Vouchers are valid for 6 months from purchase date, refunds will not be given but they are transferrable.


                                                           Tel: 0419 267 084

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