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Spirit Guide & Animal Guides Portraits

Drawings are available by mail order only, payment options: PayPal (Worldwide) or Direct Deposit (Australia only). All I require is a current photo (can be emailed) name and postal address. To order a spirit guide or animal guide portrait please ring me on 0419 267 084 or email me at


About Spirit Guides - We all have many spirit guides and angels to help us on our journey; some are with us from birth while others are assigned to help us on a daily basis. We also have spirit guides from a higher plane that help with our spiritual growth, as well as master guides and angels. Although passed over family members will pop in from time to time to check up on you, they are not spirit guides. As we have so many guides to assist us, I ask the guide or angel who wants to come through to take a human form that will resonate with you; sometimes the image your guide chooses may be familiar to you, this could mean that you shared a past life.


About Animal Guides - also known as Totem Animals, are here to help us with particular events, lessons or life challenges, to support our growth and development as evolving human beings or life companions. the animal guide that comes through may not be what you envisioned - please remember that Spirit Animal Guides choose us, we do not choose them. You can have one or several spirit animals throughout your life, during a specific phase of your life, or at specific occasions.


All portraits come with a 2-3 page letter which includes the name of your guide, channelled message, analysis of colours and symbols used and care instruction. The colours in the background of your drawing are chosen by your guides to help re-balance and harmonise your chakras and aura. Drawings are in pastels on sanded paper which has a velvety surface.


Small $50

A4 size - 210 x 287mm (8" x 11")

Pastel portrait of spirit guide, may have animal guide


Plus Postage/Packing:

Flat envelope with cardboard for protection.

Australia $10, NZ - $21,  UK /USA/CAN $25

Prices quoted are in Australian dollars





Medium  $70

A3 size - 297 x 420mm (11.5" x 16") cartridge or *textured paper

Pastel portrait of spirit guide and animal guide


Plus Postage/Packing:

Flat envelope with cardboard for protection

Australia - $10, New Zealand - $21, UK/USA/CAN $25

Prices quoted are in Australian dollars




Spirit Guide Gallery

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SAMPLES OF LARGE (A2) SIZE PORTRAITS (this size no longer available)











Portraits of passed over loved ones, pets, animal guides & special orders

Fee: $60 plus postage. These are in pastels, watercolours, inks and watercolour pencils on quality A4 size paper










Gift Vouchers Available


                                                              Tel: 0419 267 084

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